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I do not like being lied to and fooled. I have a keen sense when someone starts making a fool of me or tries too hard to sell an idea. Thus I will not make such an attempt on you.

The livestock industry spends a generous amount of time turning animal product consumption into something socially acceptable and edible. The industry is massive and they are powerful, they got an arsenal of lawyers, scientists, officials, newspapers, agencies you name it. They employ every single weapon at their disposal: Sponsoring, ADs, fake news, articles, and comments straight out of manosphere, shady papers list goes on.

We are being lied to.

Post-truth is here, if mass deems it is the truth it becomes the truth.


I am allergic to it.

It was an absolute shock to me when I found out that B12 was produced only by the bacteria when there is cobalt in soil (Ironic, electric cars need cobalt for batteries as well). Another way to get B12 is by consuming feces, which many animals do.

I can not reject that we as species owe much of our intelligence to B12. The real truth is: If we were to eat like our ancestors; it would mean drinking from contaminated rivers, eating contaminated food, and not washing our vegetables and fruits. You want to go full caveman? You need to have guts and get ready for bouts of explosive diarrhea.

Apparently, 90% of B12 supplements are used for livestock, not humans. The industry also relies on feeding animals their own manure.

When I researched more, I found out:

  • Animal products are merely mediums, agents for delivering B12 and other vitamins, minerals; they are not the source themselves.
  • Meat is treated heavily to be edible, it is not an organic product anymore it is an industrial product. You might as well manufacture it in a lab. It is no different than a chocolate bar in that sense.
  • Animal products are filled with antibiotics, supplements and additives that are not evaluated for human consumption.
  • Even farmed fish are fed EPA and DHA fatty acids through their feed. Salmons are even artificially subjected to astaxanthin which naturally occurs in krill and shrimps that give the salmon their pink color.
  • The bioaccumulation phenomenon means the more living beings between you and the substances you are aiming to consume, the more risk involved. Bigger the fish, bigger the risk. If that cow you ate for dinner consumed or even inhaled something nasty, you will have it in your system too.
  • Predators such as big cats can get away with it. Their prey is not eating modified food or being exposed to carcinogens and above all mandatory predators have short digestive tracts. Meat does not stay in their system as long to cause damage. Our intestines are somewhat in the middle and certainly not as short as that of predators.
  • With our longer digestive tracts, we have to live with the meat we consume for hours even days.
Grid Defector
Grid Defector
Photo by Rok Romih from Pexels

Another wake up call was the realization of my diet clashing with all the things I was standing up for. Sustainability, self-reliance, denying the status quo, my skepticism, and my love of seeking the truth among the noise.

My ideal living arrangement is being off-the-grid. I am a grid defector.

I want to be able to fix my own stuff, sustain my own house, and depend on my own. I am seeing that the world is gearing towards that as well. We are all realizing the importance of sustainability and self-reliance. It is even more apparent with the COVID-19.

You can not feasibly maintain eating meat and consuming animal products while also being off-the-grid.

You require:

  • Insane amount of water ( Can not be feasibly accumulated without a grid)
  • More Energy to Sustain Livestock
  • Medicines for Livestock
  • A lot more Crops to Feed Your Livestock
  • Time
  • Veterinary Services
  • Take the risk of contracting a disease or having to cull your Livestock due to it
  • Take the risk of your precious potable water source being contaminated due to droppings.

I am sure there are people out there managing this lifestyle but to what end? Does it worth it?

Friend of mine, when i shared my ideas on the matter, told me to go hunting then. It occurred to me at that moment, not many people can munch on a fresh kill, you still need infrastructure to prepare an animal the way we are used to consuming it. Most of the average people can not even stand looking at the corpse of an animal let alone skinning and disemboweling one.

The truth of the matter, you can make anything socially acceptable and make anything edible by spending as that much time, effort, and craftsmanship.

I need to maintain my integrity and ideals for the sake of my mental wellbeing.

I have not been consistent with my decision to go vegan though, I value the generosity of others and I hate wasting food especially when I consider the accompanying resources that went into making and no need to mention the enthusiasm and hard work my friends and family are putting into it. Although i absolutely refuse to eat animal products; i do not instantly reject some of the offered food that have side products such as butter, gelatin etc. in certain social instances listed above.

The world is complex, we can not maintain rigid rules, we need to adapt, respond, and make sure we have integrity in our decisions.

We do not have to belong to one group or another. An individual should not define oneself with such basic concepts. We need certain principles, systems rather than strict functions.

I benefited greatly from my decision. I feel less fatigued, do not experience brain fog anymore, my memory is a lot sharper.

I do not tell people that I am vegan unless asked or advocate going vegan. I do sleep better for not participating in such an inhumane and archaic industry.

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