That which we call a Widget... Apple should glance at their own “Human Interface Guidelines”.

… by any other, Label would work as sweet.

I have voluntarily hinted to you of my passion for literature because that is what we do. We communicate these bits of tiny details, breadcrumbs about our background and personalities; an antique which Apple apparently ceases to do.

Have they become a hunkering beast too afraid to become a target? Where did the hippie capitalists go? At which point; the design department is surrendered to branding? I admit that lines are hazy between the two but still, my point stands.

Designed for Marketers

Unveiled with iOS 14 we are also introduced to Apple’s sudden…

What is Random? with Pseudo-Random Numbers

Calendar with PE printed on it
Calendar with PE printed on it

Pick three numbers from 1 to 15. You are most likely to generate along the lines of 9, 3, 12. Present your numbers to a colleague now and you will mutually agree that it looks random enough. As a matter of fact, neither you nor your colleague is good at picking out or generating randomness. You have immediately came up with rules such as not picking the same number although this was never implied in the premise. When asked, almost no one is going to pick the same number between the given boundaries. You could have generated 9,9,9. But it…

Handwritten wireframe
Handwritten wireframe

User Interface is a puzzle itself, it looks deceptively simple in finished form. It acts merely as a medium between the user and the device. This correlation doesn’t only apply to software, but it also applies to any device intended to be used by a human being. Be it a stove, a clock watch, A/C Remote they all have an interface of some sort. They convey the information and ways via which a user can make the most of their experience with the said product. The user, can be a child, a mother, the software developer himself, or even a…

Brief history of Big Data

A curve shaped library with brown accents and thousands of books
A curve shaped library with brown accents and thousands of books

Heighway Dragon is an ever-growing collection of similar fractal curves. Lindenmayer systems such as these can be generated in various ways. It is possible to end up with numerous iterations just by repeatedly folding them. Each iteration follows certain rewriting rules. Sequentially replacing segments and applying pre-designated rules you end up with a both mathematically and visually pleasing curve. As the number of iterations rises a visually pleasing curve appears.

The tricky part is to attempt at unfolding these fractals. The observer must determine how the pattern is coming to be in the first place…

Drop the P titles.

Two bronze figurine men climbing a wall with binary code printed on it.
Two bronze figurine men climbing a wall with binary code printed on it.

When a purchase is completed that means goods are delivered. You should not seek the assistance of the seller to benefit from the product unless said good is defective. Tangible products may have expiration dates, best before dates or certain amount of life expectancy but the sole owner must be the buyer and the buyer should retain all rights to that specific instance of the product. Buyer must remain the sole party that has any say on the modifications of the product. In a world with freedom and laws, this is how things supposed to work. …

Revisiting a classic, The Lovesong of J Alfred Prufrock, provided me more insight than a thousand Ted talks.

There will be time, there will be time

To prepare a face to meet the faces that you meet;

There will be time to murder and create,

And time for all the works and days of hands

That lift and drop a question on your plate;

Time for you and time for me,

And time yet for a hundred indecisions,

And for a hundred visions and revisions,

Before the taking of a toast and tea.

T. S. Eliot

Claim Your Time

The industrial revolution did…

Enter Dreyfuss.

A pale blue art-deco locomotive from 1936.
A pale blue art-deco locomotive from 1936.

They had been married for 42 years. He loved his wife. They lived in South Pasadena at the time. She had liver cancer, treatments were just futile attempts postponing the inevitable. It was terminal. Their passion for each other was overcoming everything. She had endured the pain so far, but it was meaningless to suffer anymore. They went into their garage on October 5th, 1972. Sat next to each other in the car. They turned the ignition on.

A person, holds a knife that stabbed an apple.
A person, holds a knife that stabbed an apple.

I am not a software developer myself, I am intrigued by the premise but never attempted. I have been involved in numerous software projects though, be it big or small. I do not often like to mumble about professional stories, setbacks and struggles in writing but here it is.

During my career, i have been assigned the duties of the Scrum Master, PM, PO, UX whatever you name it, from my point of view; I wasn`t doing much regardless of the title. I was a wildcard, I fitted in the team wherever they needed me, I just love to get…

A road sign reads “ENDS PLAYGROUND ZONE” . Below it, another sign reads MAXIMUM 50.
A road sign reads “ENDS PLAYGROUND ZONE” . Below it, another sign reads MAXIMUM 50.

I would like to find peace in the belief that humanity created the alphabet for practical reasons. It worked out nicely so far, given that I am using it in the 21st century. Alphabet and associated words and language systems have been tested and proven over the years. Letters and Words are the most reliable form of communication we have come up with, yet.

The good thing with the alphabet is that it is not a design in on itself, but it is a design system. Just like LEGO bricks. Design systems scale well, they are consistent, efficient, and allow…

I will not bog you down with the fact sheet on why and how it is irrefutable that life is a sort of simulation but not probably akin to the one portrayed in the matrix. I am just going to leave it at: not all of this simulation has to take place on a computer as we know it.

I define myself as the renaissance man and i take no pride in it. Being a polymath or know-all does not help one in life. Industries prefer cogs, highly specialized modular units that can be appended into the workforce, they hate…


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