Vaccine Will not Help Reopen Anything

Covid-19 Vaccine, Reopen

I can go ahead and drown anyone in the sea of articles, links, videos, news, and statements to make them believe in whether clinically the measures put up to stop the coronavirus make sense or not but I refuse to be involved in such an endeavor. Science is not something; mass media, bloggers, politicians and alike should be able to manipulate. I blame the genre of “popular science” for the whole madness. Some stuff should just be left to professionals to decide.

I am watching the whole thing unfold with a stoic frown.

This roller coaster of an experience has gotten worse thanks to daunting decisions made by several authorities and world leaders. Experts which we do not heed even now, have been warning us since 2002. These warnings, being ignored by mass media and tragically by every country on earth has led us to getting caught with our pants down.

Lynch Them!

With the pandemic becoming more and more widespread: Journalists, bloggers, sportswriters, soccer moms, feminists, PETA, vegans almost every group with a common cause, went ahead and started throwing theories, obscure scientific studies and created a smorgasbord of irrelevant scientific reasons to force people into accepting that lockdown is the only way out of this apocalypse. What is worrying is, whole subject gradually become taboo. The second a person states anything slightly different than what mass media feeds us, said person is demonized on the spot by the society. Lynching people for not believing or disobeying these draconian measures would only turn them into scapegoats. It is clear that it is not the the duty of the common citizen to judge his/her peers on such complicated subjects.

Coronavirus polarizes us, can we reopen?

We are flawed

Epidemiological studies are delicate issues and should be left to professionals to discuss. Science is not black and white. I feel further obliged to emphasize that Science is not a democracy. The debate of lockdown, should not have been a debate at all.

People are polarized due to politicians’ claims and started advocating for or against these unprecedented measures. Both parties appear to be driven not by the fear or lack of fear of the disease but by the ideas the political entities they support. Very few consider the scientific evidence before making a judgment, most folks just follow their herd which is led by the media figures and some of which are sadly scientists.

Fundamental Problem

Developing a vaccine will not solve the fundamental problem. As long as people are so easily manipulated and maintain a herd mindset, lockdowns and such extreme measures are going to be an ever going social debate even long after a vaccine is developed and distributed. Coronavirus and its effects are amplifying our inherent hatred towards the opposing ideas and it supersedes the ramifications of the disease itself.

I would like to believe that every person in a community possesses a certain level of sanity. I am well aware that it is just wishful thinking. I guess one would think that with almost all the information we ever acquired being available to humanity on the internet, people would be able to form their own ideas or dig the truth easier. Yet they blatantly refuse to seek the truth even more. They religiously believe in the collective consciousness, blending in and getting caught up with whatever is popular. The darkest of all is that this mediocre mass gets to make decisions about your life.

Personally, i refuse to pay the price by giving up my basic human rights such as my privacy through the means of contact trace softwares and similar technologies or the lockdown itself.

Cast Away

Momus, Greek God of Satire
Momus, Greek God of Satire

My favorite Aesop tale is the one opening up with the competition among gods; Jupiter, Neptune and Minerva to create the most perfect “thing”. Ironically Momus the god of laughter is appointed as the judge of their competency.

These gods, all excel at their own area of expertise; Jupiter goes ahead and makes a man, Minerva makes a house and Neptune makes a bull.

When the time comes for Momus to judge; he first finds fault with the bull claiming that horns being above eyes restricts its vision when butting with them.

He then complains that man having no window in his chest thus nobody can read his thoughts.

Lastly, he finds fault with the house:

“People who live in this house,” he says, could not move from place to place away from unpleasant neighbors.”

Tale ends with Jupiter casting away Momus out of Olympus.




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Passionate about, Creative Writing & Fiction, UI, Software Philosophy. Enthusiastic about Flutter, TLA+, Python, Decentralized systems. /

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