Electric Cars Are Far From Innocent

Extracting minerals for batteries causes a catastrophe. When the mines are depleted and these pits are filled with rain water, acids seep into it and may form acid pits.

Approximately 500,000 gallons of water is used for per tonne of lithium

An electric car battery contains 12–15 kilograms of lithium

Less moving parts but more everything else

Software, electric motors everywhere, sensors everywhere, cameras everywhere, electric-assisted stuff everywhere. We are sacrificing the beauty of an electric motor to all the bells and whistles.

Software is not reliable

In olden times if we were trying to engineer something to be reliable we started by making its parts reliable (say, you put an engine with parts sturdy enough to withstand millions of ignitions) and we made sure those were built by using the best materials.

EVs do not have to be reliable or sustainable, they do not have to be anything, to be honest. I could not care less, but if you are putting these ordinary marvels of marketing on a pedestal, make sure they are washed thoroughly.

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