Figma Utilizes Dark Pattern to Make Profit

Signage upon a body of water that reads “Unstable Cliffs Stay Back”
Photo by Danne from Pexels

Felt like a good bang for a buck until it did not

  • Payments
  • Internal Transactions
  • Destructive Actions
  • Decisions that involve too many moving pieces
  • Undo Actions

Case 1

I am not alone.

Case 2

Case 3

a screenshot from Figma UI that reads “Want to make changes? Click Edit File.”
Want to make changes and be charged 15 USD to do so?
Screenshot from Figma that asks what account do you need and choices are being a viewer or an editor.
I’m an editor? Aren’t i? False. Spit up another 15 peasant.

Figma, please stop forcing us designers to tip toe around UI and avoid your shiny purple buttons like plague. Be straightforward with your billing schemes.



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